Therapeutic Techniques

Humans are creatures of habit. What you learned growing up has helped you grow into adulthood. But often the life skills we learned as children no longer serve us. Indeed, they often hold us back.

Together, we'll explore how the lessons of your past affect your responses to present situations. Your insights will help you live more in the present, instead of reliving the past. And we'll work to identify negative thinking and replace it with positive, healthy healing thoughts.

Mind and Body

Your mind and body are connected. Psychological stresses can find their way into your body in the form of headaches, backaches, and even illness. It is easy to allow the pain or illness you experience to be additional stressors, creating a loop of negative feedback. We can break the cycle by using techniques that both relax your body and calm your mind. We will work with techniques such as meditation, diaphragm breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation to help you be more mindful of the present and train your mind to serve you, not hold you captive.

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