People who don't identify as heterosexual grow up with negative messages from government, religion and even family. These messages can have profound effects, including subtle internalized homophobia.

I provide gay affirmative counseling by helping you identify negative thoughts and bringing awareness to negative feelings. I will assist you with some of the struggles in your life, such as exploring the advantages and disadvantages of coming out to family, friends and co-workers. We can also work on finding or maintaining a loving relationship in a society that has not provided role models or lessons on same sex love. Together we will work on building a family of choice.

I have worked extensively with clients who feel alienated by the general population as well as the LGBT community with its emphasis on youth and looks. I have helped people break the addictive relationships with alcohol, sex and drugs that they have developed to cope with their alienation.

Other areas of expertise:

• Parenting and Non-traditional Families
• Eating Disorders
• Trauma
• Life Transitions
• Bereavement and Loss

Contact me today. Together we will find a happier way to live.